Designed in Norway, by Anders Helseth. Crafted by hand with great attention to detail, in Kojima, Kurashiki-city, Japan.

Steel Feather jeans are made for comfort and durability. We want to tell you a little about what our brand stands for. First the meaning of the name: when combined, the dichotomic nature of the words Steel and Feather – where the former implies hardness and durability, while the latter implies softness and pliability – is meant to signify that our jeans can both be comfortable and durable at the very same time. They are simple and rugged jeans for your complex and active life.

What makes Steel Feather special?

The short answer to this is: the people involved in making them! Our Japanese manufacturer has an awesome selection of machinery in his collection. Ranging from vintage machines, like the esteemed Union Special 43200G and 7400, to certain newer machines, such as the Pegasus EXT5200 and Juki MS-1261. Our denim mill is run by a master weaver. He has kept his vintage Toyoda shuttle looms running for over 30 years. True dedication! And he is almost strictly a one-man operation.

Together these people strive to create the best product possible, for your pleasure. In other words, without these specialists and artisans of their trades, and their powerful vintage machinery, the high quality of Steel Feather jeans might not have been achieved.

What is Steel Feather about?

First and foremost, Steel Feather is about product integrity and quality craftsmanship. The materials used are on the highest end of the scale. Secondly, it’s about Anders Helseth. His passion for hand-crafted Japanese selvedge jeans led him to create the “perfect” jeans. According to his own vision. And hopefully to yours. We sincerely hope our jeans meet your expectations. As the patch says: “Crafted in Japan, Without Compromise”.